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03 August 2010

Over 21,000 People Taken To Hospitals Over Heatstroke In Japan

03 Ogos, 2010 17:18 PM

TOKYO, Aug 3 (Bernama) -- More than 21,032 people have been taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatstroke since May 31, and 98 of them died shortly after being hospitalised, China's Xinhua news agency quoted the Fire and Disaster Management Agency as saying Tuesday.

In a preliminary report, the agency said that nearly half of the patients were aged 65 and over.

In terms of areas, Aichi Prefecture ranked first with 2,032 patients, followed by Tokyo with 1,729, and Saitama, Osaka and Kanagawa prefectures with 1,713, 1,235 and 1,083 patients respectively.

In the week from July 26 to Aug 1, a total of 5,460 people were take to hospitals over heatstroke nationwide, and 25 of them died shortly after arrival.

The month of July temperatures broke records in several cities across the country. Yajimi in central Japan peaked at 39.4C (102.9F) - a new July record for the city.

The heatwave conditions have now eased across most of Japan with temperatures a little above normal for the time of year.


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